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Medicine Chest

Good health is our most valuable asset. We can contribute a great deal to staying healthy and maintaining our own well-being. We can treat a lot of mild ailments ourselves by using medicines responsibly.

Put your trust in tried and tested medicines for the whole family!

Parodontal<sup>®</sup> Mundsalbe
Parodontal® Mundsalbe
Pulmotin<sup>®</sup> Erkältungssalbe
Pulmotin® Erkältungssalbe
Pulmotin<sup>®</sup> Erkältungstropfen 3plus
Pulmotin® Erkältungstropfen 3plus
Pulmotin<sup>®</sup> Hustenzwerge
Pulmotin® Hustenzwerge
Pyolysin<sup>®</sup> Wund- und Heilsalbe
Pyolysin® Wund- und Heilsalbe
Mandatory Text
Pyolysin® Wund- und Heilsalbe
Therapeutic indications: Based on experience, for superficial wounds, e.g. as adjuvant treatment for lower leg ulcers.
Parodontal® Mundsalbe
Therapeutic indications: For temporary adjuvant treatment of inflammation and soreness of the oral mucosa and gums.
Warnings: Contains Propylene Glycol
Pulmotin® Erkältungssalbe
Therapeutic indications: For external application to improve well-being during chest colds (such as uncomplicated running nose, hoarseness and uncomplicated bronchial catarrh).
Pulmotin® Erkältungstropfen 3plus
Therapeutic indications: For external and internal use in colds affecting the upper airways.
Active ingredient: eucalyptus oil
Read the patient information leaflet and ask your doctor or pharmacist about risks and side effects.
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