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The future of health...
lies in reliable therapy support
for dialysis patients


VitaPES®-Dialyzers to meet the complex requirements for effective and safe treatment of chronic renal failure.

The outstanding qualities of our VitaPES®-dialyzers, as borne out in clinical practice, are the result of innovative product development and modern production technology.

Impressive features of our dialyzers for many years:

  • Highest quality of product components and processing
  • Gentle and environmentally friendly sterilization method
  • Very well tolerated by patients due to optimized biocompatibility
  • High and stable clearance performance across the whole product range including different surface areas because of the use of patented membrane-P.E.T. (performance enhancing technology)
  • Simple and reliable handling in daily practice

VitaPES®-Dialyzers with outstanding performance characteristics, based on the PUREMA membrane, guarantee excellent treatment of dialysis patients with high performance stability over the treatment period due to minimal immunological change and protein adsorption.