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Fast. Safe. Clean. Products for colon cleansing

For meaningful diagnostics, it is crucial that the patient’s bowel is properly cleansed.

Darmspülpulver Bernburg (Bernburg colon cleanse powder) 1

with a fresh, fruity grapefruit taste

Powder for drinkable solution for orthograde colon cleansing prior to diagnostic investigations and surgical procedures.

Darmspülpulver Bernburg (Bernburg colon cleanse powder) produces a Macrogol drinkable solution which prevents electrolyte losses through the intestinal wall because of its composition.

Darmspülpulver Bernburg (Bernburg colon cleanse powder) 1 contains no sulphate or sweeteners.

Available package sizes:
5      x 110 g (N1) (PZN-03887191)
100 x 110 g (PZN-00857002)

1xklysma saline 2

Phosphate containing solution for fast emptying of stool from the rectum in case of constipation, before surgery and diagnostic procedures e.g. colonoscopies or before births.

Phosphates are absorbed to a small extent due to the short retention time in the body and cause a gentle and effective emptying of the intestines.

Effect with in a few minutes
Suitable for patients over 6 years

Available package sizes:
1    × 135 ml (Art. Nr. 3319, PZN-01653804)
10 × 135 ml (Art. Nr. 3320, PZN-01321054)

Mandatory text
1Darmspülpulver Bernburg (Bernburg colon cleanse powder)
Therapeutic indications: For bowel cleansing prior to diagnostic investigations, e.g. endoscopy of the colon, and prior to surgical procedures on the bowel.
Read the patient information leaflet and ask your doctor or pharmacist about risks and side effects.
21xklysma saline: Ready-to-use enema solution.
Composition: 100 ml contain: Sodium dihydrogen phosphate 2 H2O 16.0 g; Disodium hydrogen phosphate2 H2O2.98 g; Sodium benzoate 0.12 g; Purified water.
This preparation is not suitable for infants and children under 6 years of age. Follow the instructions for use!