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Mouth & Teeth

A healthy set of teeth is a feel-good factor for a radiant smile. Unfortunately, inflammation of the oral mucosa can severely impair general well-being.

Painful sore spots, ulcers, inflamed gums and pressure sores are not uncommon, especially in people wearing dentures and braces. Pain relief for teething infants is also a constant issue for parents. Rapid relief can be provided with the right oral hygiene products and wound-healing preparations.

Parodontal® Mundsalbe

for inflammation of the oral mucosa and gums

Mandatory text
Therapeutic indications: For temporary adjuvant treatment of inflammation and soreness of the oral mucosa and gums.
Warnings: Contains Propylene Glycol
Read the patient information leaflet and ask your doctor or pharmacist about risks and side effects.

Available in 6 g and 20 g tubes.

Very good efficacy
  • numbs the pain instantly with the analgesic lignocaine
  • promotes wound healing with sage and camomile
  • adheres perfectly to the oral mucosa due to a special ointment base
Our recommendation:

Parodontal® Mundsalbe (oral ointment)
provides lasting pain relief even when wearing dentures. Apply the ointment to cleaned denture to treat denture sores.